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Language under construction: Kenvei

I’m afraid the tittle is a bit misleading ’cause few languages (if any) can claim to be finished. Most conlangers re-imagine their languages, improve their grammars, polish their aesthetic and work in the never-ending task of expanding its vocabulary. Even natlangs (natural, non-constructed languages) can be said to be under construction or at least under remodelation because of the constant changes they undergo. This conlang, however, can be said to be under construction more properly than most of them, though.

Usually, I develop my conlangs gradually. I choose a text, begin to translate it and make words and grammar rules as they are needed. So, for most conlangs of my own, the larger its corpus is, the more developed it is. As barely 3 weeks old Kenvei’s corpus consist of a single short poem, it is still in its early stages and prone to further changes. The text is Quevedo’s sonnet Amor constante más allá de la muerte (Constant love beyond death). This is it in Sinte alphabet (which isn’t as good-looking as I’d like it to be but suits the conlang better than the still language-less Hevíl alphabet):

Amor Constante más allá de la Muerte en Kenvei, alfabeto Sinte Read the rest of this entry