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A piece of Tonoryu

Unless you aret deep into Russian folk songs, chances are that you’ve never heard of one called Korobeiniki (which means peddlers or travelling salesmen who sold fabrics, singular Korobeinik). It’s much less probable that you ever heard or read its lyrics by Russian writer Nikolay Nekrasov! However… you’re almost sure to have listened to its melody and probably remember it well, because it’s the most famous (instrumental) song of one of the most popular video-games ever: it’s Tetris type-A music (this is the melody).

Some days ago, I arrived by chance to Wikipedia’s article about this song. There I found some curious information about its origins, it’s lyrics (I didn’t even know it had lyrics before then) in Russian and, fortunately (since I speak no Russian) an English translation. It was about a peddler and her girlfriend. It really appealed to me, so I looked for the song (the original song, as sung in Russian) in the Internet but, to my disappointment, I didn’t like it so much. Anyway, the lyrics (at least their meaning) were good and I decided to translate it to one of my conlangs. Tonoryu, which descends from Tengoko, another conlang of mine, seemed to be the perfect target-language.

Note: This is not a literal translation.

Korobeinika – Nusåmur

O! Kebajem bade no;
Kevade borokåtå tse chintsia.
Vajee pon, tsu sur iney,
Kudåwror o sa yunuu!

Korutor dus nir benraskena
Tse keseker jamir.
Kowm kevider iney’e ku rita,
Keviddevajer reyer res i kevade.

No rin kevades saer,
Saar, mo sejee vad nii.
Konvåjee keer saf tsibapa
Tse rutoo konus sa yunuuor!

Panirbakwi jamirar ay såruto,
Yunuur i riseje no, riseke.
Sedee! Rey saye! Iney veyar rurutos!
Tse nusåmur nus ryomonå.

Katya sjee pon rinneni.
Ri mo seje vad uj.
Yunuu e bapa take rye ineyar
Tse ritene nirus rinneer.

Nur gu jamir savije
Noå i tokum ratenes.
Nirer rutoo, tsu benraskena!
Nuboo renaer rae nuddon!

O! Kebajem bade nii!
Kokudåwr pon ay sayo.
Tse monåj i keiney tases
Nur sjumårnu san tunnuhu sayo.

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