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Southern Tales

Amundsen and three crewmen in the South Pole - December 1911

I’ve been fascinated by the high latitudes since I was a child. Those endless ice mantles over the Arctic Ocean surrounded by breathtaking fjords and, on the other side of the word, that uncanny mysterious white continent in the far South. Yesterday marked the anniversary of five brave men’s feat. Having departed from Norway, they crossed the unmapped Antarctic desert an arrived to the South Pole, becoming the first expedition to do so (Scott’s much less fortunate expedition came close). This was also an excellent opportunity to employ one of the conlangs I have scarcely spoken about.

Un 14 ta Tizajmper sajn ehnaz aðar,
Roald Amundsen, noryk ehspolartor,
i hótrr marinaz vyron firmer
omperaz ha sjekaron al Surpohl.

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