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Between Germany and Spain

A couple of years ago, when I was beginning to discover the fascinating world of languages, I remember having found and article about Grimm’s Law which explains a series of sound changes Germanic languages went through which led to languages such as English, Dutch,German or Danish to have (for example) and F in words which in related non-Germanic languages such as Latin or Greek (not affected by Grimm’s Law) had P (which explains why the Latin word for fish and father start with p (piscis, pater) instead).

Those articles about sound changes which led to the forking and creation of languages caught my attention so much that, after reading them I started to wonder what would happen in the future. Will the languages we currently speak grow out to form an even wider linguistic variety? Or would factors such as globalization stop it definitely? I had no answers for such questions. But I also wondered something which I could answer: What would Spanish, my mother language, be like if it had went through Grimm’s law as its distantly related Germanic cousins?

My approach was the most logical one I could think of: to substitute each consonant with the corresponding one in Germanic languages. For example, pez and padre turned into fes and fatre (which look more similar to English fish and father. Those consonant substitutions may seem hard, but actually I was able to perform them instinctively and, what’s more, I realised that the result didn’t sound too weird but was sort of feasible! That’s when I realised I was just about to make a new conlang.

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