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Lindavor: Yet another conlang!

No number of languages seems to be enough for a conlanger like me! Now, I’m at only one step of reaching the 40-conlangs milestone. Quite a lot, isn’t it? When I was beginning to thoink I would stick with the same number of conlangs for the rest of the year (at least), this new one appeared. Actually, it’s a bit of a relief, I was afraid I might be becoming less creative ;).

Everything started with a single word: medail (/me’dajl/, think of it as meh-dile). It meant metal (it had to!), and was close enough to the word metal in Romance languages and their mother language: Latin. So, I worked out which changes the Latin word metallum would have undergone so as to become medail. All which was left was just matter of working out the rest of the language (children’s play, isn’t it?).

It also draws some influence of Alinna a conlang of mine which never took off. Just as Alinna (R.I.P.), Lindavor is not a typical romlang (a Romance-languages-like conlang) as Romanice is, but a language base in earlier stages of Latin. For example, it conserves grammatical cases, a feature long lost in all Romance language with the exception of Romanian (and Aromanian).

Along with this new language, I made a conscript for it. It’s called Alaved (which literally means “alphabet”, not a very creative name, I know) and, as seen in the image above, it can be written in many styles (just as our own script can be written with a variety of fonts). Given that Lindavor descends from Latin, a question may arise: Why did Lindavor speakers abandon the Latin alphabet? The short answers is they never did, Alaved is actually an evolution of ancient Roman cursive. Some of it’s letters were influenced by the Greek alphabet, however. For some reason, I think it has an Armenian-ish look, but that’s just coincidental.

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